How Can I help?

We here at Wilbarger Street are committed to being the hands and feet of Jesus. We work side by side as we seek to follow God more faithfully as disciples. We believe that God has called all of us into a ministry of love and service. If you want to jump in and be a part of our ministry, there are many places to choose from.

  • Benevolence Ministry

    We believe that Christians are called to care for those in need. We have a food and clothing program that is staffed entirely by volunteers. We distribute food and clothing each Monday morning. If you have a heart for service, our benevolence building is the place for you!

  • Kidstreet

    We have a vibrant children's ministry on Wednesday nights starting at 6:30 pm. We seek to engage children in a variety of learning styles. We engage kinesthetic learners, visual learners, auditory learners, and those who learn through creating things. We are always in need of volunteers for a variety of duties!

  • Made to Praise - Worship Ministry

    We believe that vibrant worship is an important part of growing in faith. Every Sunday at 8:30 AM we gather together to learn new songs and prepare ourselves for worship. If you want to learn new songs or lend your voice to leading, this is a great place for you.

  • Bus Ministry

    If you are a member of our congregation and would like to attend, we have people who have the proper legal qualifications to drive a bus and pick you up. We would be happy to help you come and worship with us. If you are CDL holder, we would love to know about it!

  • Taking communion to nursing home residents

    We believe that the Lord's Supper is an important expression of Christian faith, commanded by God. We want everyone who wishes to make that expression faith has that opportunity

  • Youth Led Services

    We believe that our children are the future of the Church. As they grow in faith and ability, we want to provide opportunities for them to exercise their God given gifts for the building up of our body. We are so grateful to God for the gift of these young people and to our parents for sharing these young people with God's people here.

  • small groups

    We believe that Christians are best served when they are in close community with one another. It is sometimes hard to build those intimate relationships and friendship in the larger assembly. Because of that we have small groups that meet. If you want to find discipleship partners, this is a great place to get plugged in.

  • Podcast

    We believe that Christians have always been on the forefront of communication technology. Our staff produces weekly podcasts on Biblical and cultural topics. We would love to have input, segment ideas, help editing, or special guests.

  • Sewing Ministry

    God calls us to server as we've been gifted. We are blessed with many talented sewers. They use their talents to server God by making beautiful pieces of quilt art to share with the world and t gift and honor others.

  • Care Group

    We understand that life gets difficult. We face illness. We face seasons of business and dryness. Our care group is a group of people dedicated to give encouragement to those who are facing challenging seasons.

  • Young Adult night

    All adults and their children are invited to Bryan Nix's (senior minister) house for study, fellowship, and food every Thursday night at 6pm.

  • Missionary support

    We support missionaries around the globe. We do this through the generosity of our membership. Once a year we have our "Missions Sunday" as a special time to gather support. We believe that God has charged us to reach not only our community but the whole world.